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The Beginning of Darkness & Light

Updated: Apr 9

In April 2023, I started a project called "Darkness & Light."

During this time, my usual reasoning seemed to hit a wall. I found myself stuck in familiar patterns, despite knowing they weren't serving me well. It felt like my body and mind weren't in sync and I began to think of the rational part of me as 'Light'—the part that knows better—and the 'Darkness' as where I kept my negative thoughts and feelings. A little bit of hope arised that these opposing forces might have different desires but are still integral parts of the whole Self. I sensed that even our subconscious, often seen as a monkey running around in the dark, isn't as bad as we think. It was just an idea that needed exploring. And so, my journey began.

Hence, the first picture I shared was titled "Darkness Finds Beauty." This image reflects my personal experience, showing that even when everything seems dark, beauty can still appear when we pay attention to the little things. It reflects the initial idea that both parts, Darkness and Light, are interconnected.

The central figure of the series remains 'Darkness' to this day, symbolizing all that we tend to push away and avoid. I wanted to give it a voice and show that there's goodness within it too, hence the constant smile. Some might find the smile unsettling, but I wanted to avoid portraying it as always miserable. I wanted to give it room and allow it space to understand its role and navigate the complexities of both the external and internal world.

Throughout the year, I created a few tools that I found helpful:

As an avid reader of psychology books and different therapy approaches, this project visually presents the knowledge and tools I've gained from those books and conversations with people. It's not meant to replace therapy but rather to support it. I understand that not everyone can afford clinical support, but rather to educate about it. These pictures are for those who want to learn about the field.

Figuring out what works for me and for others has been a journey. I've come to realize that what works for one person may not work for another, so there's no one-size-fits-all solution. I've also learned to carefully consider certain ideas and messages, especially those on social media and self-help books, as they can sometimes do more harm than good.

What started as confusion for me has turned into a project of exploring different ideas about the human mind and sharing those, not to fix people or the Self, but to remind them that:

"Darkness has its place, just as Light does. They each have their function. Let's explore what they have to say."

For over a year, the images thrived on the Instagram platform. However, as Instagram is more geared toward entertainment than reading, my followers asked for more readable text. In response, I created this small blog for them, ensuring they have access to the tools and knowledge for as long as they need. Each blog article contains further information to delve deeper into the topic and one or more free worksheets that you can download.

If you come across any outdated information in these texts, please let me know. I envision using this blog as a digital garden, a space where things can grow and evolve.

Thank you, and take care!🌷


Disclaimer: I want to emphasize that I am not a professional therapist or mental health expert. I'm an illustrator who is passionate about sharing tools and techniques that have been helpful to me and others. The information I provide is intended for general knowledge and self-help purposes.

If you have specific mental health concerns or require professional guidance, please consult with a qualified therapist, counselor, or healthcare provider. Your well-being is important, and it's essential to seek the appropriate professional support when needed.


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