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B is for Breathwork

Updated: Apr 9

Breathing may seem simple, but mastering the art of correct breathing can greatly impact your quality of life. It's a skill you can learn, and it can make a world of difference. There are numerous breathing techniques available that can boost your mood, improve your sleep, help manage pain, reduce anxiety, and create an overall sense of calm.

For those who've experienced anxiety attacks, they understand just how crucial deep breathing can be when their lungs feel starved for air, and their bodies are overwhelmed by sensations. Panic attacks, however, are a different. Ironically, attempting deep breathing during a panic attack can sometimes intensify the problem.

The issue isn't a lack of oxygen; it's actually an excess of oxygen. Any effort to force a panic attack to go away can make it worse and even strengthen its return the next time. To cope with a panic attack, the key is not to take deep breaths, but instead, learn controlled and slow breathing.

Do you want to learn more about breathwork?

📚 "Breath" from James Nestor. The book offers a historical, scientific, and personal examination of breathing by the author.

🎙️ How to Breathe Correctly for Optimal Health, Mood, Learning & Performance - Huberman Lab Podcast

📼 Try a little exercise called Box Breathing

✏️ Get my free worksheet about breathwork

B is for Breathwork
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