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Hello there!

I’m glad you made it here. My name is Julia and for over a decade I’ve been working as an illustrator and designer. I’m originally from a small town in Germany, but then on a spring day in 2017 I packed my belongings and moved to the magical city of Prague. Since then my work changed a lot.

My love for learning new things allowed me to experience different kinds of creative fields. I worked for book publishers as a designer, produced visual content for explainer videos, created games for the Korean market, designed assets for the entertainment industry and animated characters for a variety of companies. My creative motto, since I could hold a pencil, has been:

“It's better to have tried and failed than to live life wondering what would've happened if I had tried.”

Over the years every job and hobby taught me a new skill, but at the end it all falls back to the two I like the most: illustration and writing. Therefore you can find my illustrated poetry in the menu. During my creative journey I had the pleasure to work with a lot of wonderful people, here are some of them:

Haba, Spieltz, Videodesign, Funk-e, myPram, Rohlik, in|pact media, Apify, Fairy Food, Viva Praha, TERRITORY, Chalmers University, Martin Luther University and the municipal department Biesenthal-Barnim

If you want to make it to the list too and can picture yourself working with me, don’t be shy and say Hi. I’d love to hear about you!

Thank you for stopping by!

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