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A is for Acceptance

Updated: Apr 9

Acceptance plays a crucial part in your healing journey, both mentally and physically.

But for most of us, it doesn’t come naturally. Sometimes, it means starting with yourself, accepting who you are, before you can embrace what's happened to you. Other times, it's about recognizing that the people who cared for you had their own struggles, and some of those challenges get passed down through generations.

The good news is, with your awareness, you have the power to break that cycle. Acceptance can also mean acknowledging your emotions because they're there to guide you. It's okay if there are moments when you can't fully accept things. Sometimes, not accepting is a form of acceptance in itself. We all have our unique battles, but one thing we share is the journey of accepting that life on Earth isn't always a walk in the park. Instead of constantly struggling against it, just think about how much more peace of mind we could find by learning to embrace these challenges.

Do you want to learn more about acceptance?

📚 "The Happiness Trap" from Russ Harris. He is a psychotherapist and psychologist who is known for his ACT therapy. ✏️ Get my free worksheet about acceptance

A is for Acceptance
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