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M is for Meditation

Updated: Apr 8

If I had to recommend just one mental health tool, it would be meditation. When people first meet me, they often comment on my calm appearance, which is amusing because my mind is like a monkey in a banana shop. I just appear to look calm thanks to meditation. At first, like many, I had expectations of what meditation should achieve: calming the mind and providing peace. While these can be pleasant side effects, they aren't the main point of meditation. This misunderstanding leads many to stop practicing, as sitting in silence and being in the present, even for a few moments, can be uncomfortable.

Some might express feelings like, "I tried, but I just can't empty my mind. I'm not good at this," "I don't have time for this every day," "I don't feel anything different. It's not working for me," "I'm not a 'spiritual' person," or "It makes me sleepy/angry/restless, etc."

The stories we created about meditation shape our experiences with it. Hence, meditation isn't about controlling your mind, completely changing your life, or following a specific spiritual belief. It doesn't have to involve an hour of sitting still; there are many styles that take just a minute. Yes, it might make you fall asleep, and various uncomfortable feelings might arise. By simply noticing what is happening, you can return to your anchor, typically your breath or the feeling of your feet on the ground or hand on the heart. It's like observing passing clouds and, when overwhelmed, returning to feel the grass underneath.

Meditation itself has no end goal and is not a quick fix for eliminating all thoughts; rather, it is a tool for cultivating awareness and presence. It allows you to observe your thoughts and emotions without judgment. So, while I may have seemed calm for

a decade, I've simply been present.

Here are my two favorite meditation apps

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M is for Meditation
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